…or Gong Xie Fa Cai, if you prefer Mandarin 🙂

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!  Welcome to the Year of the Horse (Jia-Wu).

I’m starting off this new year with a company team meeting, and working with my team to set our company up for success in this new year.   I’m also becoming more involved in my church’s music ministry, which has been a joy (and a lot of fun) for me.

And something that one of my team mates pointed out to me, that I really have enjoyed is this video from Voddie Baucham:

Why I Choose to Believe the Bible – Voddie Baucham

Voddie explains very clearly and in an understandable fashion, why I believe the Bible to be both reliable and trustable.  I’d highly recommend that you check it out – even if you’re not a believer yourself.

Anyway – I wish you all the most joyous of New Year days, and hope that you have a chance to enjoy some good Chinese food, at the very least!  My family and some friends will be celebrating together and eating Da Bin Lo – yum!

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