So I’ve finally gotten around to updating the functionality and look-and-feel of my website again.  I’ve been putting it off, due because I’ve been so focused on work and other things, that I didn’t care to spend the time on my own website (heh).  I’m still playing a bit with the […]

A new day dawns…

…or Gong Xie Fa Cai, if you prefer Mandarin 🙂 HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!  Welcome to the Year of the Horse (Jia-Wu). I’m starting off this new year with a company team meeting, and working with my team to set our company up for success in this new year.   I’m […]

Gong Hei Phat Choi!

Seven years ago, God decided that you had run your race to the finish, and took you Home, my friend. I wasn’t planning on posting anything, but saw that some of my friends had been remembering online, and needed to stop and just express… It’s funny (in a sad way) […]

A happy new year, but I still miss my friend.

I wish you all a happy new year (year of the snake)! Yes, it’s the Chinese New Year today – and this upcoming year will be one for my mom (who was born in the year of the snake). Love you all, my family!

Happy New Year!

Hey – It’s been a long time since I blogged, as I’ve been very busy with life, family, work – and the house!  I have some great stories that I want to share with everyone about that (yes, Paul – lawn care stories even).  But I mentioned the following to […]

Phase 10 … no, Phase 20!

I am quite happy to announce that I am now an official home owner!  I have acquired a 7-ish man hot-tub, attached to a nice 4 bed / 2.5 bath house on the western side of Lancaster, PA! Pictures and further details forthcoming, after the shock wears off a little […]

Title change: HOME OWNER

(1) I’m house shopping again (this time in PA) – and I’m very serious about getting a house by this summer!  More on that later… (2) If you’re a mac user, you will want to check out the new MacHeist: $39 for 12 programs is a pretty sweet deal […]

Two quick thoughts….

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone 🙂 It is now the Year of the Ox (Ji-Chou) – I hope everyone had fun “practicing” their American New Year’s, because now the _real_ one starts 😛 I’m working on a dynamic system that maps out the 60-year cycle of the Chinese New […]

Gong Hei Phat Choi!

Advertised as you drive by...
So I got these pictures almost a year ago, and never got around to posting them until now 🙂 BUT I wanted to share with all of you doubters out there. Still think that Internet Explorer is fine as a browser? I just wanted to point out that it’s now […]

Proof positive: MO > IE

Now, I’m not a real conspiracy nut – although I can come up with a few if you really want to have some fun talking – but there are times when things become so OBVIOUS it’s kind of like a slap in the face.   I’m talking about things like […]

mainstream TV providers conspiracy?! What do you think…