Greetings! My name is Nathan Ho, and I am a Technology Professional, currently working for Five Q as Sr. PHP Software Developer and System Lead.

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Currently, I do a lot of Linux system administration (web, db, email), training and support – and also do a fair amount of web-based programming (PHP / MySQL / Javascript / CSS, some Python/Django) for Five Q – something which I rather enjoy doing. I actually built my first webpage while at Cedarville University in ’93, and have been adding to my web development skills ever since!

When not working on or playing with the computer, I enjoy photography, reading books, watching movies, and music – praise & worship songs are my favorite style of music, but I also enjoy almost all other genres of music (not including “death metal”).

In order to understand who I am, you need to understand my faith. So feel free to read about my beliefs. You may also be interested in reading the history and reason for my logo.

While I will be adding more detail to this page in the near future, you can always find my current thoughts over in my blog.

The chief end of man is to glorify God,
and enjoy Him forever

–WestMinster Shorter Catchecism

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