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So what’s with this crest / logo thing?


TL-Silver-LogoThe Sand Dollar

When I was a teenager, my best friend (Jon) I became interested in the concept of symbology. We discussed it over time, and used some symbology in a few short stories that we wrote – but I personally began to delve into it further. Over time, I decided that I wanted to find a symbol that I could use for myself. Not as a public statement, but as a silent call to arms or a high standard for which to reach.

Unfortunately, it became quickly apparent that most symbols – especially those that are common in Christian culture – have been either weakened or outright abused in some way. The cross has become a common cultural statement, which can mean almost anything. The rainbow has been co-opted by less-than-savory groups. Ictheos (the fish symbol) is the same, and has also been ridiculed and abused by many different parties (the Darwinists / Evolutionists being the primary culprits).

In truth, any symbol is subject to use and interpretation by opposing groups who wish to make a statement….

So, with that in mind, and after looking over various symbols – I settled on the Sand Dollar. Why this creature? Because of the interesting physical characteristics, and the lovely poem that goes with it.

And so I had found a symbol that I felt would symbolize my faith – that which shapes the core and foundation of who and what I am. I also decided that I wanted it to be silver, as that is my preferred metal – why? I’m not entirely sure, other than that I feel I look better wearing silver than I do wearing gold.

However, the crest itself was not yet complete. My faith is key to who I am, but it does not tell the whole story adequately.

Everyone is unique – no two people are exactly alike. Not even twins. Looks can be similar, but personalities always differ in some way. However, the great thing about social beings is that we generally are able to “fit” or integrate into a group that matches with our general view of the world and life.

However, some do not find this as easy as others.

Two Feathers

TL-Silver-LogoI come from a heritage that is split and made up of two very different sides: Chinese and Caucasian / American. While this makes for a wonderfully rich cultural background, it does occasionally present it’s difficulties…but I digress.

I chose the two feathers as the symbol to represent the two different racial/cultural backgrounds that make up who I am. Why feathers? Because on my mom’s side (caucasian), I even have a small portion of American Indian heritage (Mohawk or Blackfoot – stories differ in the family). Well, that and the fact that my older sister purchased a necklace with silver feathers on it, and she didn’t want them *heh*

And so my personal crest was born: A silver sand dollar with two feathers. A symbol that represents both who God has created me to be, as well as the faith that has shaped my life from childhood.

Again note, that this symbol is not meant so much as a public statement, as it represents a personal call to arms – a challenge to strive towards a holy standard that I have decided upon for myself. A call to serve the God I love with all my heart and every fiber of my being. To love others as He did, and to constantly measure myself by the example set by His son.


The Legend of the Sand Dollar

Upon this odd-shaped sea shell

A legend grand is told

About the life of Jesus

The wondrous tale of old

The center marking plainly shows

The well known Guiding Star

That led to tiny Bethlehem

The Wise Men from afar

The Christmas flower, Poinsettia

For His Nativity

The Resurrection too is marked

The Easter Lily, see

Five wounds were suffered by our Lord

From nails and Roman’s spear

When He died for us on the cross

The wounds show plainly here

Within the shell, should it be broke,

Five Doves of Peace are found

To emphasize this legend

So may Love and Peace abound

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