E&P Reborn… again…

Hey everyone – it’s been a long and silent period on my blog. Last year (2006) was a painful year for me in a lot of ways….too many funerals, for one. The loss of my friend, Po, was the start of it all – one full year ago. I certainly cannot give a full accounting of why God has allowed my life (and the lives of my friends) to take the directions that they have – but I do trust Him and His handling of each situation – even when I don’t understand.

However, the long quiet is over – and I am re-launching both my blog (Expostulation & Reply), and a new look and feel for my website! I hope to blog more often about whatever strikes my mind, as well as to keep the design fresh (and more in tune with myself, rather than just as a rough attempt website identity).


You speakah der English?

So, one of the new topics for my blog will be common words and concepts used in American english, for which I find cause for concern – or that just plain bother me. One of my personal peeves in communicating with a variety of people is the lack of attention and basic understanding that the meanings of common words are not universal. I won’t even bother to start on the subject of the horrifically poor the spelling skills of the general populace….